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Wert Thou but ill-that I might show thee

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Wert Thou but ill-that I might show thee
How long a Day I could endure
Though thine attention stop not on me
Nor the least signal, Me assure-

Wert Thou but Stranger in ungracious country-
And Mine-the Door
Thou paused at, for a passing bounty-
No More-

Accused-wert Thou-and Myself-Tribunal-
Convicted-Sentenced-Ermine-not to Me
Half the Condition, thy Reverse-to follow-
Just to partake-the infamy-

The Tenant of the Narrow Cottage, wert Thou-
Permit to be
The Housewife in thy low attendance
Contenteth Me-

No Service hast Thou, I would not achieve it-
To die-or live-
The first-Sweet, proved I, ere I saw thee-
For Life-be Love-

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