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We don’t cry-Tim and I

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We don’t cry-Tim and I,
We are far too grand-
But we bolt the door tight
To prevent a friend-

Then we hide our brave face
Deep in our hand-
Not to cry-Tim and I-
We are far too grand-

Nor to dream-he and me-
Do we condescend-
We just shut our brown eye
To see to the end-

Tim-see Cottages-
But, Oh, so high!
Then-we shake-Tim and I-
And lest I-cry-

Tim-reads a little Hymn-
And we both pray-
Please, Sir, I and Tim-
Always lost the way!

We must die-by and by-
Clergymen say-
Tim-shall-if I-do-
I-too-if he-

How shall we arrange it-
Take us simultaneous-Lord-
I-“Tim”-and Me!

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