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They put Us far apart

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They put Us far apart-
As separate as Sea
And Her unsown Peninsula-
We signified “These see”-

They took away our Eyes-
They thwarted Us with Guns-
“I see Thee” each responded straight
Through Telegraphic Signs-

With Dungeons-They devised-
But through their thickest skill-
And their opaquest Adamant-
Our Souls saw-just as well-

They summoned Us to die-
With sweet alacrity
We stood upon our stapled feet-
Condemned-but just-to see-

Permission to recant-
Permission to forget-
We turned our backs upon the Sun
For perjury of that-

Not Either-noticed Death-
Of Paradise-aware-
Each other’s Face-was all the Disc
Each other’s setting-saw-

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