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Severer Service of myself

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Severer Service of myself
I-hastened to demand
To fill the awful Vacuum
Your life had left behind-

I worried Nature with my Wheels
When Hers had ceased to run-
When she had put away Her Work
My own had just begun.

I strove to weary Brain and Bone-
To harass to fatigue
The glittering Retinue of nerves-
Vitality to clog

To some dull comfort Those obtain
Who put a Head away
They knew the Hair to-
And forget the color of the Day-

Affliction would not be appeased-
The Darkness braced as firm
As all my stratagem had been
The Midnight to confirm-

No Drug for Consciousness-can be-
Alternative to die
Is Nature’s only Pharmacy
For Being’s Malady-

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